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BM Transport Ltd. were established in 1991 and are a family-owned road haulage company based in Co. Monaghan in Ireland. They are FORS Silver Accredited and currently employs over 200 people, providing a fast, reliable, and cost-effective logistics solution across Ireland, the UK and Europe from their modern fleet of 160+ tractor units and range of over 500+ trailers.

BM Transport required a live telematics solution, access to reliable camera footage, and integration with their existing tachograph software. In addition, an effective telematics solution was also necessary for BM Transport for better connectivity and to reduce their expensive international calling charges.

As telematics and telecoms experts, Cubo brought it all together for BM Transport, supplying a fully integrated solution encompassing their telematics, cameras, compliance, and telecoms and have been working proudly together since 2016.

“The reliability of the products and the customer service they provide is exactly why we are with Cubo. You can pick up the phone and speak to someone personally and that personal touch makes a real difference.”

Shauna Lennon, Office Operations Manager.

BM Transport






The Challenge

BM Transport were experiencing connectivity issues with their telecoms which was influencing their operations, as instant communication between office, drivers and customers was essential. As a business operating across Europe, they were also being charged excessively for mobile data roaming and international call costs. With flexible and home-working requirements, their previous VOIP Landline service was not feasible.

They required a live telematics solution to track their vehicles in real-time, in order to provide accurate delivery and drop-off times to their customers. Fuel monitoring and insights into driver performance wasn’t available and there was no integration to other functions, specifically to Aquarius IT’s Tachograph Analysis and Asset Maintenance solutions.

Instant access to camera footage on their vehicles was necessary to use as evidence against fraudulent insurance claims and for driver training purposes to improve driver safety.

The Solution

Cubo’s ability to meet all requirements was a major benefit. On the MyCubo platform, with a single log in, BM Transport can now:

  • Accurately track their vehicles in real time.
  • Get actionable data with insights into driver behaviour and vehicle/fuel performance.
  • Gain direct access to 4-way DVR cameras (forward facing, both sides and blind spot) to access live footage or download incident footage.
  • Access dynamic AI pedestrian and vehicle cameras for enhanced safety and DVS compliance.
  • Automatically download tachograph data with direct integration into Aquarius IT’s solutions for Tachograph Analysis, Asset Maintenance and Document Management.
  • Directly API to their existing Transport Management System (TMS).

For their telecoms, Cubo have also provided BM Transport with:

  • 175+ mobile devices with competitive tariffs from Vodafone.
  • SOTI mobile bespoke device lockdown system.
  • 3CX VOIP Landline solution for enhanced connectivity.

Having worked with Cubo now for many years, we have great confidence in saying that they offer first class products and service. From phones to tracking and cameras, they leave no stone unturned for a business in the haulage industry. Customer care is fantastic and response times are quick, which is exactly what is needed in this industry. Their system is user friendly, and they are always on top of their game in keeping up with the latest technology and services. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Cubo and no doubt adding more of their services to our list.

Shauna Lennon, Office Operations Manager

The Impact

Dependable trackers and cameras have been invaluable, saving thousands against insurance claims and dramatically reducing the time spent preparing for such cases with instant access to camera footage now available. They also now have instant access to reports into driver and vehicle performance, identifying areas for improvement to save on fuel and maintenance costs. Accurate tracking and connectivity have led to improved customer service with better communications and providing the data for up-to-date delivery times.

As a Vodafone Partner, Cubo can secure competitive tariffs for mobile data and international calls, resulting in a significantly lower monthly mobile bill for BM Transport. The SOTI mobile device lock management software ensures that each mobile only has access to approved apps, further helping to limit unnecessary data wastage and time wasted through browsing. Mobiles can be configured instantly, cutting out the time that was wasted when every mobile had to be set up manually. Additionally, the 3CX VOIP landline system has led to improved connectivity across the business, offering functionality at home and in the office, and across geographical regions including Northern Ireland and Ireland.

As strategic partners of Aquarius IT, the Cubo platform integrates seamlessly with their Tachograph Analysis and Asset Maintenance solutions, ensuring familiarity and the ability to download the data remotely.

“Cubo’s cameras have proved invaluable, and we have saved thousands from being able to counteract insurance claims thanks to their reliability and quality of footage. If we are having any issues, all it takes is one message to Cubo and everything is sorted from their brilliant customer service team”.

Barry Moore, Driver & Compliance Manager


Improved communications and camera footage


Direct integration into Aquarius Tacho analysis software


Dynamic AI pedestrian and vehicle cameras


Accurate tracking and enhanced customer service
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