Camera Smart


Camera Smart (DVR)

Protect your most valuable assets with Camera Smart.

To effectively protect your employees and your bottom line, you need full visibility of your operations. At Cubo, we provide high-quality fleet cameras with the power to drive down insurance premiums, improve driver behaviour and overall driver safety. With live footage accessed via MyCubo Online, you can protect your assets in the event of an incident and use the valuable footage for training and development

Providing Evidence

Footage from cameras is now being accepted in court cases for road accident claims, helping to protect drivers and operators from false accusations.

The valuable HD footage is also considered reliable evidence by insurance providers. At Cubo, we have designed our system to record the crucial evidence of events before and during an incident occurring. This will speed up the processing of insurance claims and reduce the number of pay-outs because of being unable to prove your driver’s innocence.

Maintaining fleet Integrity

At Cubo, our camera systems provide conclusive video evidence of incidents, not only helping to protect your business and individual drivers, but also giving you valuable footage for driver training and development. Competent drivers reduce overall risk which in turn maintains fleet integrity.


Multi-camera setups, including rear and blind spot mounted cameras, can improve driver manoeuvrability and safety, whilst also keeping vehicles in compliance with road safety laws and specific contractor requirements, such as FORS, Costain and Crossrail.

Managing Risk

Camera Smart can not only reduce insurance premiums but also positively affect the driver’s behaviour. The unique camera solution will alert the transport team to the incident without the need to manually look through extensive footage, which can be a time-consuming task. The latest development also enables live streaming of the video directly from your PC/mobile.
BM Transport

What our Customers say about us…

“Cubo’s cameras have proved invaluable, and we have saved thousands from being able to counteract insurance claims thanks to their reliability and quality of footage. If we are having any issues, all it takes is one message to Cubo and everything is sorted from their brilliant customer service team.”
Barry Moore, Driver & Compliance Manager
BM Transport
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