To effectively protect your employees and your bottom line, you need full visibility of your operations. At Cubo, we provide high-quality fleet cameras with the power to drive down insurance premiums, improve driver behaviour and overall driver safety. With live footage stored on our online portal, you can protect your assets in the event of an incident and use the valuable footage for training and development

Driver Protection (DVS/Cameras)

FreshLinc’s Commercial Manager, Ashley Holland – describes one example where Cubo’s technology protected his driver

Driver Protection
We had an unfortunate, and distressing incident which could have resulted in one of our vehicles being impounded. Our driver found himself in a very challenging scenario at 19:30 on a cold, rainy Friday evening.. (read more)

Duty of Care

Employers have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety or well-being of their employees.  Get in touch to see how our solutions can help you to do this. 

Tacho Analysis

Whether you are an owner driver or manage a fleet which is spread across the continent you still need to monitor your tachograph data. Drivers Hours’ Law and the Road Transport Directive are considered to allow you to easily manage all areas of compliance and driver and vehicle management.

At Cubo we recognise the importance of having one source, one dashboard, one log in for all your operational tools, which is why we give you a single sign on to MyCubo Online where you can access info from all our solutions.

Track Smart Vehicle Tracking

Real-time driver aids

Your drivers are your most important asset. We understand you want to protect their wellbeing. In cab visual and audible warnings which can measure anything from pedestrian/cyclist proximity, driver distraction, driver anticipation and unnecessary use of engine power.

Professional Driver Training

It’s proven that professional driver training which addresses areas such as over-revving, harsh braking and engine idling will reduce fuel consumption and save money. Cubo’s Fuel Smart can clearly demonstrate the improvement in these results
Fuel Smart Cubo
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