Data is the most valuable commodity for any business, at Cubo we gather it and enable you to view it in easy reports that add real value to your business.  With a suite of fully integrated solutions, you can track driver behaviours and employee productivity in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Plus, with valuable data at your fingertips, you can easily identify inefficiencies, saving your business time and money.


Drive your business forward with Cubo.

Tracking - Fleet Visibility​

Being able to see where your vehicles are brings so many benefits to your operation. You can save time and money by maximising the utilisation of your fleet. Increased productivity reduces fuel costs. While professional safe driving keeps your most important assets on the road.

Fuel Usage & Management

Having visibility of how much fuel your vehicles are using is key to increasing efficiencies. Being able to compare usage in driver and vehicle league tables and use information which is simply presented on driver scorecards – will ultimately allow you to make small changes that have a big impact on your bottom line. 

Route & Dispatch

Do you need to dispatch the closest vehicle to a customer’s location? Or maybe you like to keep your customers in the loop by informing them of expected delivery/arrival times. Cubo has the solution for you to enhance your customer service.

Remote Tacho download

Streamline your downloads while keeping your vehicles moving. At Cubo we understand the hassle of manually collecting tacho data. It is a sizeable admin task and can be a logistical nightmare that is estimated to take up to 2 working days per vehicle per year! With Tacho Smart we can ensure your data is sent securely over a mobile network, so you can rest assured that your downloads are completed in full compliance with DVSA regulations

Tacho Analysis

Whether you are an owner driver or manage a fleet which is spread across the continent you still need to monitor your tachograph data. Drivers Hours’ Law and the Road Transport Directive are considered to allow you to easily manage all areas of compliance and driver and vehicle management.

At Cubo we recognise the importance of having one source, one dashboard, one log in for all your operational tools, which is why we give you a single sign on to MyCubo Online where you can access info from all our solutions.

Remote Camera Footage

At Cubo we remotely download your footage while your vehicles are on the move.  You can access this on the same Hub as your vehicle tracking and other Cubo Solutions.

Solution Integration

At Cubo we can integrate with many of your existing business software’s including

Power of Integration

“One of the reasons we choose NIBC was because they were able to integrate with Aquarius IT, who supply our tachograph analysis software and other key compliance systems. There is a direct link to vehicle defect reporting, tachograph records and other information with the telematics and vehicle data NIBC provide – navigating all this information on one platform makes it easy to use for all our operators. “

Real Time Driver Aids

Your drivers are your most important asset. We understand you want to protect their wellbeing. In cab visual and audible warnings which can measure anything from pedestrian/cyclist proximity, driver distraction, driver anticipation and unnecessary use of engine power.
Fuel Smart Cubo
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