Fuel Smart


Fuel Smart

At Cubo, we understand how your drivers have the single biggest impact on the amount of fuel your vehicle burns.  Increase your efficiency by improving driver performance & fuel economy across your whole fleet.

Fuel Smart gives you access to a range of user-friendly CAN-Bus reports by driver/vehicle and at fleet level.  On MyCubo, driver behaviour information can be viewed by journey or over a longer period, giving the ability to display driver league tables and scorecards.

Fuel Smart Cubo

Fuel Smart Technology provides:

What our Customers say about us…

"The tracking solutions offered by Cubo are by far the best that we have seen and used. Our previous tracking partner could only manage a 71% load tracking rate with Amazon. Cubo changed the game for us and now our rate is above 95% consistently. Not only load tracking, visibility on downtime of assets can also be monitored more efficiently and effectively. The fuel tracking ability in our units is a huge bonus to us as it eliminates and more importantly prevents theft of diesel by driver, and our MPG figures per unit have increased."
James Cunningham, Assistant Manager
SLAM Transport
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