Trailer tracking key for Murphy Transport after a decade with Cubo


Murphy Transport Ltd provides an extensive full load service across Ireland, specialising in the transportation of various bulk liquids utilising Road Tankers and ISO Tanks, as well as delivering a range of transport-related services including trailer rental, tank cleaning, tank heating, and storage for hazardous chemicals.

Established in 1956, the family-run business operates from its headquarters on the Ballinlough Road in Cork City and also offers a secure site at their Little Island Depot, featuring 24-hour access and CCTV surveillance, addressing lifting, storage, and parking needs.

Facing the need for accurate and reliable vehicle tracking, Murphy Transport engaged with Cubo after researching the market for a modern and user-friendly telematics provider. Over a decade later, they have added the full suite of products demonstrating their trust and reliability in Cubo. Jonathan Baker, Transport Manager commented:

“Our recent renewal for a third five-year contract underscores our strong commitment to Cubo, reflecting the trust we place in their solutions, which have consistently met our expectations. The Cubo solutions are reliable with a user-friendly interface and the integration of features like tacho downloads, live cameras, and trailer tracking has significantly benefited our operations. With Robert Steele as our dedicated Account Manager, along with the dependable support team, assistance is readily available to resolve any issues promptly.”

Murphy Transport





The Challenge

Murphy Transport were driven by a requirement for live GPS vehicle tracking to get accurate and reliable location data without interrupting the driver. They also wanted to monitor fuel usage per vehicle to identify inefficient trucks and to analyse driver performance.

They required a modernisation of their tachograph processes to facilitate driver planning using live data, as well as a product that would integrate with Tranzaura compliance software.

After a number of incidents, they required a camera solution that would protect themselves and their drivers against fraudulent insurance claims.

With a 120 strong trailer fleet, it would not have been uncommon for a trailer to be taken on hire for a longer period than agreed and paid for. This was resulting in lost trailer days and wasted admin hours – both having an impact on the business bottom line.

The Solution

Murphy Transport were looking for a user-friendly and reliable telematics solution. They initially started with GPS trackers on their fleet of HGV’s and over the years have upgraded their vehicle solution to now utilise the full suite of Cubo telematics, cameras and compliance products to include:

  • Track Smart – real-time GPS tracking where data is updated every 60 seconds, 30˚ turn or 500 metres – whichever happens first.
  • Fuel Smart – unobtrusive CANBus connection reporting Fuel Burnt, MPG, Odometer, Axle Weight etc.
  • Tacho Smart – Remote Tacho Graph Download and Driver Decision Support on Drivers Hours.
  • Trailer Smart – Tracking begins when movement over 2mph (90cm/sec) is detected or pre-defined intervals when stationary for complete visibility of your assets.
  • Camera Smart – Click straight into 4-channel cameras to access live footage or download incident footage in HD.
  • Integrations with Tranzaura compliance software.

“The addition of the Trailer Smart product for our trailer tracking has been a game-changer. We can maintain precise trailer location data which now means we lose zero trailer hire days. Additionally, this system enhances our logistical planning, particularly for on-site trailer drops. We can now generate journey reports as proof for our hire customers and locate trailers at the click of a button when they require CVRT.”

Jonathan Baker, Transport Manager

The Impact

Murphy Transport can now fully utilise their fleet of 120 trailers thanks to effective trailer tracking. This ensures they can operate at full trailer capacity, ensuring all their assets are maximised whilst significantly reducing the time and effort spent on admin to locate missing trailers.

Murphy Transport benefits from precise vehicle tracking through a user-friendly dashboard that provides live fleet updates. This improves customer service by enabling timely delivery updates and aids in transport planning. Their in-house team of fitters ensures swift installation and minimal asset downtime.

Fuel monitoring is crucial for Murphy Transport to calculate tanker weight and manage fuel usage. Fleet analysis helps identify inefficient vehicles, prompting trade-ins for more efficient ones, reducing fuel costs. The Tacho Smart product’s live data is used daily for driver planning.

Investing in vehicle cameras has saved Murphy Transport money and time. The HD footage has cleared their drivers in several “crash for cash” incidents, cutting down on expensive insurance claims and administrative work. The footage is easily downloadable with a click.


Remotely download tachograph data with Live Driver Decision Support.


Fuel consumption monitoring to enhance fleet performance.


HD camera footage to protect drivers.


Zero lost trailer hire days ensuring fleet operates at full capacity.
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