Building a new brand with our customers at the core.

With great changes over the last few years, and big future plans, we’ve decided to change our name and look to align with the services we provide, the solutions we develop and the team who uphold our values day in, day out.

We asked our customers...

Back in April 2021 we sent out a customer feedback form. This gave us great insights into how you interacted with us and how you felt about those interactions. This is what we learned:

We weren’t effectively communicating all the solutions we offer​

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We bring it all together

We wanted to create a brand that would take us into the future—we wanted it to tie together our 3 core values of Proactivity, Support, and Innovation.

We Step Up (Proactivity)

Success isn’t just about the quality of our products and services, it’s about the people behind them. This means getting creative, setting new standards, exploring new things and driving change.

We Work Together (Support)

We must work together to make great things happen for our customers. With this in mind, we must be respectful, naturally inquisitive and understanding of the people around us.

We Find a Way (Innovation)

As a team, we work hard to find new ways of thinking and doing things and if we can’t find a great solution for our customers, we’ll create one!

More than just a logo...

360 Approach

Range of Services

'C' for Cubo

We have grown and changed a lot over the past two decades and not just in Northern Ireland, so we felt we needed to do ‘something’ that better shows the world who we are.  We have a unique culture here at Cubo, and we partner with the best to bring you industry-leading solutions, so it is important to make sure we get that across to our customers.  We want you to be proud to be working with us.

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