9.3% Fuel Savings after five months for O'Neills Transport


Established in 1987, O’Neill’s International Transport is one of Irelands leading family owned road hauliers. They provide a national and international service, specializing in the transportation of goods to and from Scandinavia, and work with some of the worlds leading producers of pharmaceuticals, electronics, and fresh produce.

With a focus on sustainability and driving efficiencies, O’Neill’s Transport signed up to the Greener HGV programme availing  of a 30% grant towards Cubo’s innovative telematics technology and driver training.

After the first five months on the programme, O’Neill’s Transport were able to report a 9.3% fuel saving, equating to a cost saving of  €57,421! In addition, they were able to report a 94,385kg reduction in CO2 emissions, outlining their commitment to sustainability.






The Challenge

With routes all over Europe and a daily service to Scandinavia, O’Neills were experiencing difficulties around reliable remote tachograph and drivers card downloading when on the continent. Driver safety and compliance is at the forefront of their operation, so they were searching for a supplier who could partner with their Tachograph Analysis provider.

O’Neill’s emphasis on efficiencies led them to focus on how developing a professional driving culture could help with not only fuel savings, but with reducing their impact on the environment. The team needed data around driving behaviour and subsequent fuel usage to establish baselines, so they could analyse and make improvements in these areas to help them in their new focus on sustainability.

The Solution

Cubo recommended that O’Neill’s apply to The Greener HGV Programme to avail of a 30% technology software & hardware grant to subsidise the use of Cubo’s innovative telematics technology and expert driver training.

The hardware fitted included.
• Vehicle Tracker
• Fuel monitor
• Remote downloader for both Vehicle Unit and Driver Card data.
• 4-way DVR cameras (forward facing, both sides and blind spot)
• Driver Awareness Panel (DAP)

Baseline data was recorded for 12 weeks, without any intervention. At this stage, GENCAT delivered their online Professional Driver Training programme, and the Driver Awareness Panels were switched on inside the cab. The data was then monitored month on month post training and verified by South East Energy Agency

The level of integration that Cubo provides keeps things simple. With a single log in on MyCubo, O’Neills can now:
• Track their vehicles in real time.
• Get actionable data with insights into driver behaviour and vehicle performance.
• Click straight into 4-way cameras to access live footage or download incident footage.
• Automatically download tachograph data with direct integration into GENCAT analysis software.

The Cubo solution was the obvious choice for us because it combines everything that we need to manage the fleet from our Head Office in Tralee including live tracking, fuel and driver behaviour monitoring, live cameras, automatic tachograph and driver card downloads. When Robert told us about the government grant on offer through the Greener HGV Programme, it was a no brainer and are very happy with the decision, both with the system and the results the program has delivered so far.

Colm O’Neill, Owner, O’Neill’s Transport

The Impact

After the first five months of the Greener HGV Programme, O’Neill’s Transport achieved significant benefits resulting in a more efficient, safer, compliant and sustainable fleet.

Three key performance indicators were identified as key contributors to fuel consumption:

  1. Excess RPM can cause unnecessary engine wear, excessive fuel consumption and can highlight a lack of concentration and engine management. Excess RPM was cut by 1.5% with the fleet average at 0.4%.
  2. Harsh Braking levels can be an indicator of poor levels of concentration, anticipation and situational awareness. Harsh brakes reduced from 0.8 per 100/kms to 0.7 per 100/kms.
  3. Engine Idling is known to lead to excessive engine wear, excessive fuel consumption and unnecessary damage to the environment. Idle time was cut by 2% resulting in a fleet average of 16.5%.

As a result, average fuel consumption decreased from 29.4 l/100km to 26.9 l/100km – a 9.3% fuel saving! This equates to 35,888 litres of Diesel saved with a cost saving of  €57,421.

As well as prioritising driver safety and standards, O’Neill’s Transport can now clearly demonstrate their commitment to the environment with 94,385kg reduction in CO2 emissions.


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