Essex Bulk Services reduce CO₂ emissions by 30% with Cubo technology


Based in Thurrock, Essex, Essex Bulk Services (EBS) are a family run business with over 175 employees and specializes in bulk powder transport. They have achieved Gold status with the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS), accreditation for Mission Zero and Work-Related Road Risk (WRRR), as well as supporting the Armed Forces Covenant (Silver Award) and are proud Associate Partners of the London Stadium.

EBS were experiencing countless issues with their previous supplier and were frustrated with the product, functionality and customer service. They required an integrated telematics solution that improved their driver safety and gave them instant and reliable access to camera footage and fleet visibility, as well as the ability to monitor their environmental impact.

“Out of all systems I’ve used, Cubo is the best. The functionality is exactly what is required and provides all the insights needed to effectively manage our fleet. We’ve been able to defend against fraudulent insurance claims and reduced our insurance premium”.

Amanda Duffy, Head of Compliance.

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The Challenge

EBS recognised the need to upgrade their old telematics system which wasn’t meeting their then basic requirements. NOx and CO₂ emission reporting was necessary to secure future contracts. The company also wanted to gain better insights into driver behaviour via instant reports that monitor driver and vehicle performance.  Connectivity issues were leading to inaccurate and unreliable data causing long delays and lost footage of critical incidents.

“We were never getting precise and consistent location information of where our trucks were at. Consistent system drop-outs with the cameras led to long delays in receiving footage – or no footage at all! Customer service levels to address our issues were very poor.”

Craig Childs, Director/Transport Manager

The Solution

Cubo’s system was selected due to its reliability, but the level of integration was also a major factor. On the MyCubo platform, with a single log in, EBS could now:

  • Track their vehicles in real time.
  • Get actionable data with insights into driver behaviour and vehicle performance.
  • Click straight into 6-way cameras to access live footage or download incident footage.
  • Automatically download tachograph data with direct integration into Aquarius Tacho analysis software.

EBS Mechanics were trained in hardware installation which gave much more flexibility in planning the changeover from old units to the new Cubo system.

Out of all systems I’ve used, Cubo is the best. The functionality is exactly what is required and provides all the insights needed to effectively manage our fleet. The ability to get data and information instantly is critical to our operations, especially in dealing with accidents or incidents. The implementation process is straightforward, and any issues are fixed straight away remotely. Cubo is constantly improving their solution and making a good product even better.

Amanda Duffy, Head of Compliance

The Impact

Investing in Cubo technology has resulted in a more sustainable, safer, compliant and efficient fleet for Essex Bulk Services. Driver Reports have enabled EBS to identify drivers who could benefit from additional training which is highlighted by a 78% improvement in driver satisfaction levels. Improved driving has ultimately resulted in a 25% reduction in their fuel bill and 30% reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions. Through this, EBS have been able to demonstrate their focus on sustainability which has helped them secure new business. Additionally, having instant access to accurate and reliable data has resulted in a 29% reduction in insurance claims.

Reliable and accurate fleet visibility allows EBS to react quickly to changes and make optimum use of their fleet. This alone has improved staff productivity, resulting in considerable time savings and ultimately making the team much more efficient. CuboCam, not only improves their driver and fleet safety, but it has reduced EBS insurance premium as they can easily defend themselves against fraudulent claims at the touch of a button.

“Previously, I was spending hours requesting footage, chasing up on it and submitting it to the relevant authorities. Now, I can access this instantly at the click of a button or I can request this if I need assistance from the support team at Cubo. Cubo have the best customer service that I have ever dealt with. They are so friendly and genuine and dealing with real people.”

Grant Crocker, Compliance Manager


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